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Relax-Reconnect-Revive Reiki energy healing in Miami

What does Maya’s Place Provide

We promote a place where you can come and with confidence feel like you are at home. You will feel loved, accepted, open hearted and just plain comfortable. You will then be guided to relax and forget about your stress and worries you carry with you at least for a bit. We will help guide you into a deeper relaxation. Once you reach that stage of relaxation you are not only going to catalyze physical healing and overall improvement by just getting rid of stress but you will reach the channel where you will be able to reconnect to the true you. The one you that you love. The one you that aligns the best. The you that you have forgotten in the fight called life. This reconnection will in turn promote emotional stabilization and overall improvement in emotional state. Once you are not anxious or worried or sad or guilt tripped your emotional healing has begun and in turn your physical body ignites it’s ultimate self -healing. Your body reboots it’s system and your physical and emotional state return to their natural balance. This state revives who you are, it revives the optimal body state which in turn revives your soul and its purpose. Here is the place where your Body, Mind and Soul reunite again in harmony. We promise you will love it and see a big change in your life.  

Let your journey begin with us. 

About Us

Maya Rodriguez


Reiki Master 


Card Interpreter 

Spiritual adviser 

Spiritual Hypnosis 

Motivational Speaker

Dr. Alejandro Duran



Physical Therapy

Sports  Medicine 




Reiki is a Japanese technique that promotes stress relief as well as physical and emotional healing. The therapist channels energy to activate the natural healing process. This process enables our self healing potential. 


Alternative Healing Therapies

In order to live a higher quality life, maintaining optimal wellness is key. Everything we feel and do relates to our well-being and directly affects our actions and emotions. In order to subdue stress, reduce illness, and ensure positive moments in your life, you must achieve optimal wellness.

We provide Sound Therapy which involves sound bowls and instruments to induce a relaxed  state and to rebalance the  irregularities in the body. 

We also offer Crystal Healing Therapy. Crystals are pure earth’s gifts. We posses the same minerals in our bodies that crystals have and that’s why our body responds well in inducing healing with crystals. The crystals pull out  negative energies and infuse their  pure balanced ion energy.  

We also offer Hypnothrapy and Life Coaching.  See below in the Menu section. 


Chiropractic / Physical Therapy

To achieve optimal wellness, one must apply it towards every possible endeavor. You can apply a wellness approach towards your environment, community, career, belief systems, physical activities, self care, healthy eating, self esteem, and creative activities. Applying wellness in your everyday life will allow you to achieve your full potential and live with passion and purpose. 


Maya’s Healing Club!!!

Monthly fee of $45 or yearly fee of $ 500 ( $40 discount) 

  1. Once a month a group meeting for 2 hours at Maya’s Place ( specific topics of choice, promote and encourage each other in personal life and in business, heal together, discuss healing techniques and exercises, teach latest techniques, meditation and hypnosis) These events will include a few appearances of celebrities, industry experts and motivational speakers. 
  2. One 15 minute consultation a month with Maya either life coaching, spiritual, angel cards or just Q&A over the phone. 
  3. A online Facebook membership exclusively for the members where there will be discussing healing options, awakening progress and questions, solutions to problems and have a supportive community filled with love. 
  4. Bi- monthly Spiritual Book assignment with discussion and Q&A in order to help promote deeper healing and awareness. 
  5. If you don’t get to attend a monthly meeting or your 15 minute consultation you can apply the credit toward any of Maya’s workshops or sessions.  




“ Maya’s place is the most loving and relaxing place.  I left there feeling rejuvenated but more then anything inspired and loved. . Maya has a gift of healing with Reiki. Truly a great experience. Dania, Miami FL”

Maya is a sweetheart.  She has a gift of inspiring and infusing love. So happy I went.  The sound therapy is incredible. I will be back for other Therapies. - Maria Fl 

“ Wow Maya’s  card reading was spot on and truly helped me with my 1000000 questions. I’m more clear and happy. Thank you Maya - Danille 

I was skeptical, but Maya’s gift is truly powerful. What an experience.  Can’t wait to tell my friends. -Matt

My reading was such  a great experience. Maya is very warm, friendly, caring and really makes you feel welcomed. She was very helpful and insightful in giving me guidance and was very accurate with giving me information on things in my life.I would definitely recommend Maya for a reading, you will definitely get the clarity you need. -R.B. Kendall 

As far as I know, Maya is the real deal. My experience with her was incredibly on point. She was able to see all aspects of my life past, present and future. The fact that many things she told me about were not known by anyone was absolutely shocking. 

She is both kind and generous with her time and is extremely patient. I trust her guidance 100%. I have recommended her to many of my friends and in turn they are recommending her to their friends.. - Randa 


The cards don't lie.  I did a phone reading with Maya and I didn't expect a whole lot because I was under the impression you had to make a personal connection for cards to work.  Wow, was I wrong.  Maya came right out and nailed 3 big issues in my life right off the bat.  I was stunned, we went on to discuss health, love, careers and family- I was literally in tears at one point and so was she.  I would definitely recommend her services if you are wondering about your path.   -Jonas 

My experience with Maya was incredible! She created a safe, warm, and caring space during our session that made me feel comfortable right away. She guided me through the reading and explained herself very well. It was truly a magical experience that left me feeling positive, open and confident.- Stephanie 

It’s been many years since I’ve had a card reading, but something led me to Maya, with certain peace in my heart. I knew there was a message of guidance that I needed to connect with, and Maya brought me to that guidance with so much love and light. I felt completely at peace with her and have since been more keenly aware of all the blessings in my life. Thank you, Maya for a beautiful experience. #loveandlight - L 

To know Maya is to love Maya, because she has the most beautiful light and is so full of joy. I had an amazing reading with her today that gave me so much clarity as I move into new chapter in my life. She has a beautiful gift and I am so grateful she is sharing this gift with the world!! - Jackie 


She’s is a piece of your puzzle you didn’t know you were missing! Maya’s loving and caring approach was my welcome, and that made me comfortable and attentive. The seamless process of your personal vision and journey is displayed in a way you only need to concentrate in the present while together you come with a plan for days to come. She is full of love during all of her practice and her follow up helped me realize that this process started from the moment we spoke. I recommend her 110% she will be an important guide and companion in my journey as she will be in yours! - Juliana Vasquez Life Coach 

I had my first reading with Maya via phone and it exceeded all of my expectations. She was so deeply connected to my energy and I was shocked to hear how much she knew. I felt more calm and focused after our call. I can’t wait to talk with her again.- Jessica P. “
I went to Maya looking for some guidance in my life after undergoing some difficult changes. She was able to connect with me and my story very deeply and gave me exactly the reassurance and guidance I was looking for. I highly recommend Maya for anyone who is looking for spiritual guidance or reassurance of the direction their life is taking.” -I. 

Monthly Events!!!!


Check out the link to all events and book here.  



How does Card Reading  work? - I connect to a higher self and spirit guides who guide the cards to tell me life’s information.  We all have our life purpose its what paths we take that matters.  :)

How does Reiki work? - The fact is that we are all made of energy.  All our cells vibrate in magnetic energy but due to stress and toxins that energy can be blocked or diminished which ultimately leads to other physical  issues.  What I do is unblock and clear that energy so it can flow properly. Think of Christmas lights for instance, one little lightbulb burns out, electricity is still flowing through the others but that one little light messes up the flow of all others and overall look. :) 

Grenades as Lullabies published book by Maya

Grenades as Lullabies: A Story of War and Innocence

Check out this incredible true story by our Healer Maya. Her true story about an escape from the brutal civil war in Bosnia. Grenades as Lullabies  Truly inspirational and intense. You will love it.  Available on amazon.  See link Grenades as Lullabies: A Story of War and Innocence

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